Make Money Using Blogs - Lesson 5

Update 2010... This post was mostly irrelevant with information 4 years out of date so I have removed it. Just haven't got around to writing an updated version...


  1. I have really enjoyed your blog! Awesome info! I too have been banging my head about keywords and niches. I was told recently 200+ searches per day and 1mil or less competing sites is good! I love the brainstorm tool, never heard of it! Thanks so much for real information to help us newbies.

  2. Do Not BUY Brainstorm Generator. I bought it and it doesn't work well. It's been running for days and has not found 25 good keywords yet. I'm really disappointed!!!

  3. I just want to say thanks for everything...your the motivation behind me starting my blog. I roam your content very often...and have found it extremley thanks again!

    Could you check out my blog... and let me know where my flaws are. Any quick advice?

    Im a young guy whos new to this business...and would appreciate your direct opinion of my work so far.

    Email me at tell me what you think.

  4. I love your info,its great.
    Take a look at my blog.what can i do to make it better. Email me at


  5. Hello Grizzly,
    I have a been a fervent fans of yours for some months now, could you please check out my blog at KissnRomance and tell me what you think?

  6. Hi Doris,

    I would love to check it out but the server is down - let me know when it's back up and I'll have a look.


  7. Doris,

    Is your link typed properly?

  8. Your open and frank insight is fantastic! Thank you. If you have time, I'd love some pointers on the blog you've inspired me to create about money and debt. Thanks again!

  9. Ed,

    I had a quick look and you have set up the blog properly. A few minor pointers if I may;

    Studies have indicated and my own experience has born this out - the most reader friendly colors are black letters on a white background which you have done but titles, headers, links etc should be in blue. My adsense click rate when using blue doubles or triples any other color choice.

    I can't tell you why blue works so well but after years of experimenting I have found that it just does.

    Another thing I have learned is not to have a border around your ads. Just change the border color to the same as the background (white in your case) and the border will disappear. Again I don't know why this is more effective but it is - by a lot actually.

    One last thing - when choosing a post title you have to walk a fine line between writing a reader friendly title and a search engine friendly title. To get ranked in the search engines you need to highlight your keyword in the title with as few other words as possible. Read my post "what's in a keyword" on my "Make Money" blog for a full explanation but in short since you are targeting "Debt" then make sure your post titles include that term.

    Good luck Ed.

  10. Hey Grizz,
    Love your blogs. Left you a comment somewhere on here but I've been to all your blogs old and new and sometimes get lost in the grizz empire.

    Anyway I'm wondering about a couple things. Is there a way to find out what PR a site is including my own? (if i ever get indexed)

    Also I'm not sure I understand the you need 100's of blogs comments? Has that been explained do I accomplish this without getting carpal tunnel and wasting years of my life creating these? how many accounts will I need to open and under what names? How Will I track all of this. And what are on these other mystery blogs?

    lastly, if you get a chance and can check out my blogs it would be much appreciated. I'm working on a better niche as we speak.

    Chicago Sports Blog

    Barack Blogama

    thanks again for all the advice thus far.

  11. Hi Steve,

    Sorry for the delay.

    You can download the Google toolbar for firefox here;

    Google Toolbar for Firefox

    For IE here;

    Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer

    This will display the PR for every site you visit.

    If you use Firefox then I recommend adding Search Status to your site. This tool gives you both the PR and Alexa Ranking of every site you visit and is installed at the bottom of your browser. This is what I use.

    Search Status for Firefox

    Do to recent changes with Blogger you can no longer use auto programs to build 100's of sites as mentioned. Google has also made changes that makes this moot as well. I really have to find the time to update parts of these lessons. Sorry about that. The more sites you can build over time the better but stick to a few for now - learn the basics, get top rankings and then move on to new sites.

    I use a simple excel spreadsheet (several actually) to keep track of all my blogs. Accts/logins, email addresses, statcounter acct, Blog name etc...

    Stick to 3-4 blogs per blogger account. Don't link them to each other.

    I did a quick check of your two sites.

    Love the Barack site - very clever!
    You have set it up nicely and I don't have much else to say other than you need to keep posting current info and then concentrate on getting lots of backlinks to it using Barack Obama in the anchor text of the links. This will be a pretty competitive niche so keep the content fresh.

    The Chicago Sports Blog has good content but a few things can be changed.

    Take the word "blog" out of the title and use a term like "News" or "Post", "Gazette" "Forum" "Arena" etc.

    The point is to add a keyword that will be searched for and it will give you a more professional "journalistic" name which could draw in readers.

    Move the post column to the left side and put the sidebar on the right. The Google bot reads the left column first so you want your main keywords (Post Title) to be read first.

    This blog is also a current event blog which Google likes but it means you have to keep the postings fresh. Lots of content and lots of targeted backlinks. The sports blog will allow you to target a lot of related terms and the more you target the more you will get indexed for. If you don't do well in the serp's at first for your main keywords then target lot's of long tail related terms like players names in the post titles.

    I could write a book on this type of blog but maybe you should experiment for a bit and see what kind of terms you bet indexed for.

    Keep me updated if you need help.

    Good luck Steve.

  12. Hey Grizz

    Nice work. I enjoyed reading your information and "how-to"s. I moved my site up from page 27 to page 7 at the moment thanks to your info. I am working my way up to page 1 at the moment. Keep up your great work!

    May God Bless You!

  13. Forex,

    It's always nice to hear that you folks are making headway. Please let us know when you make page 1. Be patient and persistent - it works for me.

    Thanks for the update and best wishes.

  14. Hello! Lovely advice here, you've taught me a lot!

    I have a question, however, and am a little confused by something.

    On one of my blogs (none attatched to this name), I think google dropped me from the index for using more than 6-7 occurances of my keyword per 100 words... I'm not sure if this is the case or not, and its no big deal if it is... but it made me wonder something...

    You say on each new blog post to use your keyword in the title... so wouldn't it put all those keywords in the archive list, thereby adding to your keywords per 100 words?

    or am i just silly in thinking this?

  15. JP,

    Nope - you're not being silly. Your title will count towards how many keywords you use.

    Since this post was written it's worth mentioning that you don't need to be concerned about using your keywords that often.

    I now find that using your main keyword in the post title and a couple of times in the post is sufficient. Use related keywords a few times as well and the LSI system employed by the crawl bot and adsense bot will have no problem understanding your content.

    Don't bother trying to overuse the keywords - not necessary.

  16. Hi grizz i know this is an old post but anyways thanks for your awesome info i am so glad i found you before i spent another lousy dime on make money products. Anyways you can check out my blog someday it is at The only problem about it is that no one searches for that stuff a lot and i want to make a new one but recently i have been spending a lot of time building my 100 BANS site so i am very busy

    well mostly i just wanted to say that you are one of my hero's along with vic because i don't know what have did without you guys

    also i don't care if you talk about my blog on here but i don't think you would want to anyways.

  17. Fiuhh I finally finished reading your 5 inspiring series. Google already approve my adsense apply a week ago :) . I do appreciate if you could visit my Stress management site and suggest me what should must be revised and what should must go on. Once again thank

  18. Great info. Thanks for breaking it down. Had a question about reciprocal links.

    "You'll notice that I didn't use a hyperlink for yahoo's URL. This is because I try and avoid two way links as much as possible."

    If you used a link with a nofollow tag in it is that okay, or does it count as a two way link?

    Thanks for your insight.

  19. A no-follow doesn't count as a two-way link as far as passing PR is concerned.

  20. I absolutely love it!!

    take a look at my blog(s)

    Fashion, Life, and Fabulousness

    I would love to be linked up to one of your sites, and I would love any feedback!

  21. Great work on this 5 part series. I ahven't even bult a Blogger blog for practice as you suggest, but instead have done some
    AdSense changes in some existing blogs and have already seen searches/clicks. Thanks for the warning on Brainstorm ... I was ready to buy it until you posted the 'hold off' message ... a wonderment that they don't do something ... I notice they have a 'no returns' disclaimer on their site, I cna now see why. Too bad, as it would be very useful if it workerd.

  22. amazing info which i could find nowhere else on the net...thanks a million for such a wonderful effort.i would be grateful if you could suggest some improvement for my blog and give me some worthy backlinks


    I was wondering if there has been any news on the Generator software. Have they fixed the problem.

    Just my luck....I am in dire need of a good niche and I am always a dollar short and a day late!

    Thanks again for the great info!

  24. Unfortunately the Generator software has not yet been fixed which is a shame - it was a great piece of software when it was functioning. At present it tends to hang up and worse - Google suspends your IP (for a day) if you use it to auto query them.

    If it is ever fixed I will let people know.

  25. Thank You Grizzly, No words could express how blessed I am to land on your page..I have read your lessons from 1 to 5 and they are truly for beginners like me.
    Thank you for this priceless info.

    More power to you!

  26. Hi Grizzly,

    I have sent you an email in regards to content and also that I got indexed by Google the 2nd day I set up my blog, on the 2nd page with my blogger profile with one of my main keywords. My site **

    And the article I submitted on Go Article was listed on the first page for one of my keywords.

    You make things look so simple with your writing, but in fact its a lot of hardwork and it takes time.

    Thanks for all the great tips!

  27. Hi Griz,
    Your earlier lessons 1 through 5 have been eye-opening, and I have actually devoured each and every word, including the comments which often contained relevant questions/problem solving.
    Thank you soo much!!
    So, I have started two blogs with the purpose to make Adsense money, in accordance with your directions.
    Since I am a techno-idiot, here are my current stumbling blocks:
    1. How do I link a word in one of my pages/posts to a different page/post within the same blog? In other words, in one article I write loosely about older cats and mention longevity. Then I created another page with a table of life expectance for cats. I would like the first chatty article to have the word "longevity" in blue and underlined so readers can click on it and them be transported to page with longevity table. (Blog address is:
    2. How to I add the "Privvacy Policy" text on the bottom of each page?
    3. How do I put material (text and photo) in the "Who am I" section?
    4. What do I do, exactly, to doctor my re-written article for (and others like it) with links to my own blog?

    I so totally understand that your time is valuable, and I have held back contacting you, but..............HELP ME PLEEASE!!

    PS Second blog i set up is:
    Comments, praise and put-downs are all welcomed.

  28. OK so I spent all day today and yesterday going through all of your information and NOW I GET IT! I didn't get it till now and I think you saved me about a month of trial and error making this stuff work.

    Now to the important stuff, MAKING MONEY!

    Thanks Grizz!

  29. Hi Grizzly:

    I just wanted to thank you personally for all of the fantastic information you have provided. I have been searching for a way to make money online for a little way now, and there are so many scams and quick fixes out there that it makes me feel like I'm wading through mud sometimes.

    I am an Access database developer by trade, and after reading your first five steps, I have realised exactly what it is I need to do. I've created my blog (Microsoft Access Tutorials) as per your instructions, and I have huge plans. I have already added a couple of related affiliates to the page, but in the long term I will be creating my own "Ebook" based around the site and my knowledge. I have big plans.

    Looking forward to the next installment. Keep up the great work.

  30. Just an update on my previous comment. I had to recreate my entire site because of the stupid letter "s"! Turns out that when people search for my chosen topic, the majority of them (around 90%) for Microsoft Access Tutorial (not Tutorial"s").

    Something your readers should keep in mind when researching their keywords.

  31. Joshua,

    Usually G will rank a site for both singular and plural regardless of the "s" but not always equally. I find that if you use both spellings on your site you should be fine as well as the possessive form.

  32. Thank you so much. I know you probably get about a million comments a day, but I am truly grateful that you started this blog. I have 4 kids under the age of 6, so trying to find information on making money online has been hellish. lol....I am one of those people that have spend a lot of money and made a lot of people rich from Clickbank. I thank you profusely for the information you have. I read your blog everyday and try to implement something new. You're the first information I've found that actually makes sense! I know my blog needs work, but thanks to you, I actually know where to start! Thank you!

  33. Jennifer,

    It's comments like that which make this all worthwhile - Thank you for taking the time and for those kind words. Good luck online and WOW - 4 kids under 6? I have 2 under 6 and they wear me out... you must be a saint!

  34. My kids probably don't think I'm a saint!
    You answered one of my questions when I came back and saw your answer. I was going to ask you if it was okay to edit comments with the no-follow tag. And it is! So thanks for that. (I'm sorry, I tried to do the code so you wouldn't have to but they wouldn't accept it. :)
    I have 2 questions though, that you may have answered, but I haven't made it through your entire blog yet. The first question is in regards to articles. Is it okay to submit the same article to different article sites, or do I need to rewrite it for every different site?
    The next question is about myspace. As I was writing a blog I happened to notice that my blog page had a page rank of 8. Is this something that I could theoretically use as a perfect backlink, since my myspace blog is related to my other blog? Thank you so much for your time. Again, you truly are my online hero. :)

  35. I, love the blog!
    My question is about R/S. Do I want a 50 or less R/S when checking the number of results using quotes around my keywords or without using quotes around my keywords?

    For example, one of my keywords results in an R/S of 624 without using quotes, but has an R/S or 44 when I use quotes. So, which should I look to when seeking out R/s <= 50?


  36. First of all, thanks for all your hard work. I think I'm beginning to "get it", and I am building a few blogs to learn more. My first blog, Golf Talking... shaping up, but it does not get very good PR. The best was page 6 and 18 on one search, but it doesn't show up on later searches. One unfortunate discovery was that my keyword Golf Talking is not a popular one on G. I would really appreciate a critique when you have a moment.

  37. Hi Grizzly,

    I've been reading / enjoying your blog over the lasts few days and discovered some fantastic information.

    Thanks to your tutorial, I now understand why my earnings haven't been any good.

    Would you suggest trying to fix my current blogs, or starting again from scratch? Here's a couple of examples:



  38. Hi Grizz

    I've got a question I would be grateful if you could throw some light on. I've got a site called theoracleofomaha[.]com
    The Oracle of Omaha as you no doubt know is Warren Buffett. So I've got some posts on WB with the keywords WB and Oracle of Omaha and I've got a few blogs with backlinks pointing to it and I've posted on forums and left comments etc... but if I put Warren Buffett or Oracle of Omaha into Google my site is not on any of the first ten pages. Is this normal? Am I normal? And what can I do to get my wonderful Warren Buffett fansite to page 1 ? How many backlinks do you need?

  39. Hey man, how you doing, well ive followed your procedures and my site is now being accepted by google!! i'm now trying on getting traffic with keywords and getting this money thing rolling. thanks man and hope we keep in touch. check my site out http?://

  40. This is such an informative post! It has really helped me understand some of the problems I was having in the area of blogging. The information on niches and keywords was extremely helpful. Thanks so much!

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Grizzly,

    Great stuff! I have spent the last 4 days absorbing all you posts ant he comments. I am new at this but I ready to take action. Will have my 1st up tomorrow.

    Thanks alot,
    Keep up the good work

  43. Hi Grizzly,

    Is there anything that is even close to Brainstorm Generator that you know of?

    Can you recommend a software package that does the same thing?

    It's such a great idea and service, I just can't believe no one else has thought of it.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

  44. There is no other program that I know of. Too bad - it worked great originally.

  45. Hello Grizz,

    I stumbled on your site a few months ago but went through it more thoroughly after the Super Bowl and I've been here for the last few hours and already made my first blog... I know it takes some time to get indexed, but I was wondering if you could check it out and give me a few extra pointers?

    Thanks for this site and any help!


  46. Cool Man!!! You are a taking inspiration I have also created blog on "Make Money Online " and with hope to Earn Money.

    Thanks a lot !!!

  47. hi loving the info so far but have to say alot has gone right over my head started my blog think its good but in reflection dont think it will be a money maker could you have a look and let me know your thoughts
    and emai me at

  48. Hi Grizzly i've been following your blog since the start of this year, your tips are great and so all the info provided here seems so reliable. I have created a blog which is in spanish, and is about simple things like creating a Hotmail account, things that people search in google too much. So far i get like 15 visits per day, i created it last month. I would aprecciate if you check it and tell me some tips and advices to optimize it.
    Thank You Amigo.

  49. This is great information. I'm just starting out on this. This is very nicely laid out. Thanks for everything Grizzly!

  50. I only have one question. How much do you make per year with all this blogging and adsense etc?



  51. Lol Grizzly,

    Gotta be honest here, following the blog for a while now and I have to say I'm impressed with your work.
    Compared to your writing Problogger/shoemoney and whatever a-list writer are just talking (crap) and vague.
    Learned here more in 10 mins than in the many months I've been following their blogs. Shame really, when you think about it :/

  52. Thanks Griz for the info. I too am one who has made a lot of "gurus" a lot of money. I think I understand all you are saying and started a blog as you said to do. Previously I used wordpress, my own domain, etc. Your tips on posts and the use of your keyword was awesome. Your the bomb!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  53. Hi Grizzly

    Thank you for all the wonderful, informational posts. I truly appreciate your desire and effort to help others learn and make money. Since I am over a year and a half later in seeing this post, I don't know whether you'll answer, but I have a question. Are you familiar with "MicroNicheFinder"? If so what is your opinion of it. If you do like it, would you consider writing a post about the best ways to use it? Thanks again!
    J L Jacobsen

  54. Hi Griz,

    Totally blown away by your site here and at

    I think I have 'got it' and have been applying the advice you have been given for around 3 weeks now.

    I also went through the 'Make Money Using Blogs' series and have tried to follow it as much as possible.

    Now, my site is one on sandwiches (ok not soo profitable but anyway!), and using your techniques I just noticed by site is ranking on Page 1 for one of the long tails (How to make tasty sandwiches)!!!!

    I'm totally blown back by this! (Ok the competition is just under 0.5 million but Ive only been doing this 3 weeks!)

    I would totally love you to check out my site and let me know how it can be improved and what long tails etc. I should be focusing on to make money. This is a experiment for me so Im open to ideas, suggestions etc, till Im ready to blow the ‘insurance’ niche to shreds!! Haha!

    The website is

    I put up adsense on there....and read some more and have taken it off for now till I build up more authority.

    I have been doing some article spinning and submitting to article directories and answering questions on Yahoo answers to build backlink authority.

    ANY advice you or the other great folk here can give me will be great as I do want to make some money from this site.

    Other things Im thinking to do is build ‘supplemental’ blogs which point to articles on this main site and also do some article submission for these supplemental sites too so the juice they get flows amply!!

    What other ‘doable’ backlink strategies should I be looking at?

    Again, thanks a lot and to all your comment writers who I have benefitted a lot from (especially Lorecee…thanks!!!).

    I plan to stay here and build up something that will last.




  55. Hi Griz,

    What's up with Brainstorm Generator? I tried the demo and it fails, but they still sell it. Looks like a great program, but does it still work?

    Walter Brown

  56. Thanks for posting this site Griz. I keep coming back here when I feel like I am getting a little offtrack. If you've got the time, check out one of my ultralight fishing blogs. After doing more research, I am starting to feel like I picked a very competitive keyword.

    I will try following this site closer this next time around. Any tips are appreciated!

  57. Hi Griz,

    Like everyone in the past comments. YOu are great for offering honest and clear advice on IM.

    And to reciprocate, although nothing AT ALL compared to what you provide. I found a site that seems to do the same as BG if you like to have a look at it. (took all the link capabilities, hopefully it doesn't link back to them!)

    Would love to get your feedback on it!

    Many thanks...


  58. Just a quick thank you for sharing these techniques, Griz. I followed along through the 5 lessons and my test blog ranks 11th out of over 400,000 sites for my target keyword! That was achieved in 2-3 days with a site that has NO PageRank, and NO recognized backlinks (although I should have one from goarticles, go figure?) I didn't even brother to set up the Technorati account since it was just a test.

    Needless to say I'm convinced the techniques you talk about do in fact work and they don't cost anything. My only regret is that I didn't take it more seriously and pick a niche I actually wanted!

  59. Hey Griz

    thanks for the awesome advice. I also purchased keyword academy and I've learnt so much for just $1. I also made a trial blog after reading your tutorials and I was wondering if you could check and comment on my progress. Thanks!

  60. Hi Griz,
    My sincere thanks for your tutorial. I've just finished my blog today & feeling confident the traffic is on it's way.
    I especially appreciated your tip about placing back-links in the top sentence of Article Directory articles. I've done a lot of IM training and NO-ONE teaches this! Thank you!
    Take Care

  61. I have a question about backlinks. Not sure where to ask it so I thought I'd throw it in here.

    I have access to a wiki that is currently in beta, it has a page rank of 5. Coming in at the beginning when there is not much infomation on the subject that it deals with I have the option of ... well taking over parts of it, becoming the "owner" of sections I guess.

    If I were to put placeholder infomation on it so I retain control of large quantity of sections.

    How would such a thing be most useful? Does the googlebot like wiki's? If I were to use this wiki as a starting point attaching blogs to each subject and then attaching the blogs together would that form a reasonable background to control certain subjects.

    This talking in code is hard.



  62. Fay,


    Take full advantage of the wiki - your thoughts are correct. Good luck.


  63. Hi Grizzly, Im sort of confused. In the post you mentioned thatthe only way to make money off adsense is to use systems like "The OTO Goldmine" to help us create several blogs/sites quickly. (That is of course once we understand how to create a few "manually"). But then I just saw you tell someone NOT to purchase these programs. How are we to create several sites in a fraction of the time if we DONT purchase this system? - Ashley C.

  64. Hi Grizzly! First I really want to say thank you for all the effort you are pouring here in your blog.You changed my blogging life! I have been applying your tips and I can see how my ranking in google changed. My only mistaje is that I target a very large market with not much adsense on it. Im kinda discouraged but I am still willing to work with my blog as I see nothing is impossible as long as I keep on your teachings.

    I am planning to build a lot of blogs this time with a more optimized keyword. May you give me list of keywords that I can use for purely adsense stuff.

    Sorry that I didnt email you as your email link in the sidebar is not working and your profile in Blogger is in private mode.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. if you have time,I would be happy if you could check my webpage and inform me any suggestions. I wont mind if you would post it in your blog too as an!

    You are amazing!

    Best Regards,


  65. Hi Griz,

    Quick clarification on R/S ratio

    Find the ratio with the results from the keyword goog search with (""). Correct?

    This is how I have been doing it, seems to make more sense. As your example, the pumpkin is not competeing for bonzai.
    And for people who dident read, your probobly wondering WTF am i talking about :)

  66. Hey Grizz,

    I just recently (3 weeks ago) started a blog on mesothelioma. If you want to check it out the url is The topic has high cpc and fairly low competition. Yet it doesn't have a product to sell, except for legal services, and I was wondering if you think that will be a problem.

    I also have had some issues with traffic. I am currently listed #1 for "cause and effect of mesothelioma" and #13 for "desmoplastic mesothelioma". While these aren't exactly the most searched terms in the world, THEY ARE SEARCHED. I was wondering if you had any ideas about funneling in the traffic as well as garnering backlinks. Unfortunately, my targeted keyword "malignant peritoneal mesothelioma" has not faired so well and remains in the 200s for google searches. I was wondering if you had any ideas for general improvement of my site or any specific insight that will further my cause.

    Lastly, I'm a little tight on cash flow these days and I was hoping you could send me a list of niches from Brainstorm. Thanks you for your time, and please contact me at

    Thanks again,

  67. Hi!
    I just read through all 5 lessons about making money online and now my brain hurts. I learnt a lot and now I have to see if I can successfully apply it to my blog.

    It's mainly a nature blog but I do input some DIY stuff randomly so I'll take you're advice and have two blogs one on each subject.

    I would love for you to check it out.


  68. Grizzly,

    Ola from the peg! great blogs and nice home sir! I see you have a fondness for buying and trying new tools... I am wondering if you would be interested in entertaining or contributing to the development of Grizzly Toolz Money Maker v1.0? - a new moral free exclusivly epic foot print free customizable compilation of currently working tools with additional new ones that will make money online for you on demand and make your new projects make money online for you faster...

  69. Pegger'

    You build it and I'll buy it... ;-) (and sell it of course)

  70. Griz,
    All of this info is great and I have been reading everything you have posted but as a brand new blogger I am CONFUSED! If you or any of your awesome followers have any additional info that could help I'd appreciate it.

  71. hey there Griz,

    Thanks so much for all of the amazing information! Its greatly appreciated !
    I am definitely looking forward to learning more from you as well as contributing whatever i can toward your cause. It would be fantastic if you could check out my blog and let me know any further tips =D and i would love to get a brainstorm list if thats possible, i know you have a lot going on and understand if you can't get to it.

    my e mail is

    my blog is

    I hope to learn from you further

    SPC Sund

  72. Thanks a lot.

    After months of reading finally I found someone willing to openly share their hard earned experience. There is enough out there for everyone I agree but few have your sharing ethos.
    I have indeed started my own blog as well, mainly for fun as it is my favourite subject and posted my first article on
    Now fascinated to see if anyone reads it never mind visits my

    Thanks for all your fantastic and honest information



  73. I am enjoying your articles its helping me out greatly although i seem to be having trouble deciding on a key word to pursue. I would appreciate it if anyone could look over my blog and help me out. mad-reviews

  74. I have recently started a blog on Technology in Singapore. I have read all your '5 lessons' pages and I must say that they were easy to understand and remember. Thank you.

  75. Thanks for your great 5 lessons. I'm still clueless about keywords and writing great post/articles. could you review my blog? I wanted to email you but i don't know where to get your email add(yep stupid confession but i'm clueless newbie anyway)

  76. hey grizz, ive been reading your 5 lessons and following them closely. I started my blog about a week ago and have gotten all the back-links to be indexed by google but not my main blog. I was wondering if you could explain why this has happened? or how to change it so my main blog gets indexed?

  77. Hey Grizzly,

    I am interested to see if you have any experience with Micro Niche Finder or Market Samurai. They both seem to be the top of the line keyword finding tools right now. I'm curious, have you tried them out? Or are you sticking with Keyword Elite and SEO Elite?


  78. Hi wanted to thank you for taking your time to help others. I had a blog and didn't know what to do with it. I found your site, followed it step by step. With your help I now have a better understanding of the blog experience. Keep up the good work. My blog is a personal struggle with depression, and I hope maybe it will help someone else under stand depression. I am including my blog URL in hopes maybe you can give me some advice... Again thank you you have helped me so much

  79. Great info. I feel like I know all I need to know about doing this stuff without any fluff whatsoever. Because of that, I'll definitely keep coming back for more. My husband wonders why I've spent so much time on the computer lately, so I sat him down and had him read the 5 lessons, now he's a believer too.

    Thanks Griz.


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