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Hi folks,

I have been a bit busy and haven't spent much time here lately. Sorry.

Just thought I would make you aware of a free tool that Brad Callen of SEO Elite and Keyword Elite fame is offering.

I say free but in reality it has a free version and a Pro version for $47.

The software is called "Directory Submitter" and it basically submits your sites to directories in a few simple and fast steps. It is a huge timesaver.

The more directories you are listed in the more backlinks you will get as well as an increase in traffic.

I bought the Pro version but you certainly don't have to. The difference in the two versions is that the Pro version allows you to submit to more directories. The Free version still allows you to submit to 350 directories with as many sites as you want. This will be sufficient to start with. If you get decent results then you can always get the upgrade later.

He has a video that shows you what this is about and how to use it.

I definately recommend this - Brad's software is among the best in Internet Marketing circles and his support is excellent.

Back soon,



  1. Hi, I would like to know since you said it's good to submit our site to directories. however, almost all of them require us to link back to them. That is not what I see here in your blog. I wonder how you do that.

  2. Hi Grizzly,
    I just wanted to know if the above post was still applicable..because in answering one of my questions you mentioned to me that I should NOT "submit" my site to a search engine...and that I should let them find me. And I ask this question assuming that the words directory and Search Engine are interchangable. - Ashley Cheek


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