Why you Should Conceal Affiliate URLs - and How

It's a proven fact that many customers will not click on an affiliate URL at your site.

Maybe they resent seeing commission paid to an affiliate, maybe they feel less security when buying from an affiliate.

So, suppose they see a link looking like this in the browser status bar


where '123' is your affiliate code.

They may decide to bypass the affiliate code and just type in the home page URL


And that means you lose out on the commission.

Here is how to conceal not only the affiliate code but anything about that URL which may indicate it is an affiliate link. Use some Javascript.

< a href="http://......"
return true;"
"window.status=' ';
return true;" >

(remove the spaces after the first tag "<" and before the last tag ">")

Then 'ABC' will show in the browser status bar instead of the URL.

If you want to learn more Javascript tips and tricks see the ebook

Javascript Magic

How to Blog - August Update

hawthorn said...


I dont know who you are, and just got here from a link somewhere on or from Whydowork site, but I have to say Ive just partially read your first lesson on creating a blog and have to compliment you on its simplicity and clarity. i have a blog from which ive made an amazing €1.03 !! But I just threw it together, and Im now going to read carefully your first 3 lessons and amend it, or even start a new one! Will there be more lessons?
Thank you for a great page!
h, ireland

Hi Hawthorn,

Thanks for the comment. I will be doing more posts but have been waiting for the latest Google Page Rank update (every three months) which is occuring right now and will slowly crawl along for the next week or two.

For those of you waiting please be patient as I have several test blogs in the works that have been set up to see which is most effective regarding all the new rules Google imposed after it's latest Google Slap. (Changes to the Google algorithm)

Upon completion of the current Page Rank update I will know which way to proceed with future lessons. The current lessons are still valid as far as how to set up and optimize your blogs. The changes imposed by Google relate to page ranking and traffic generation techniques.

For now continue to set up your blogs as outlined in my lessons but don't link them together. This is blog farming and Google will now penalize sites that do this from the same ip addresses. All blogger blogs are on the same ip address.

Other than this just follow my directions and get your blogs started - I have a number of new techniques that I will share with you but will wait until I have some page rank confirmation.



Re; Hawthorns Blog


A few tips.

Hawthorn I checked out your blog and you write well. In order to optimize your site for your keywords ( Lets assume your site will be about stage musicals - I realize it is about lots of things which is quite hard to optimize for and I recommend that you create a different blog for different themes. ) you should proceed as follows;

Start over... Ha.

Actually it is extremely important to use your keyword in your blogs name and URL address.

Your url should be something like hawthornsmusicalreviews.blogspot.com or hawthornsmusicalramblings.com anything as long as you get your keyword in there somewhere.

Your page title is Hawthorn's Ramblings. Change it to "Hawthorn's Musical Ramblings.
Even better try "Hawthorn's Musical Reviews".

How many people will search Google for "Hawthorn's Ramblings"? Not Many.

How Many people will search for "Musical Reviews"? Lots. This is why you want Google to know that you do musical reviews. Google will not know what a "Hawthorn's Rambling" is.

Make sure to link your post title to your url.

Your post title is The Best Musicals Of All Time

In the Link section under the Title section insert your URL.(Posting - Create section in menu) This will hypertext your post title. See my post title above and notice that it links to this blog.

One last thing; Use your keyword in the last line of your post.


Yes people, I couldn't separate....my favourite shows from London’s West End…..


This is your current ending.

Add one more line like this;

"For more Musical Reviews please check back often."

These few tips will optimize your site for the keywords you want Google to send you traffic for. Simple but extremely important.

Keep up the good work and read through my lessons as they explain most of this in more detail.

Good luck,


How to Blog

Backlinks and Traffic - Directory Submitter

Hi folks,

I have been a bit busy and haven't spent much time here lately. Sorry.

Just thought I would make you aware of a free tool that Brad Callen of SEO Elite and Keyword Elite fame is offering.

I say free but in reality it has a free version and a Pro version for $47.

The software is called "Directory Submitter" and it basically submits your sites to directories in a few simple and fast steps. It is a huge timesaver.

The more directories you are listed in the more backlinks you will get as well as an increase in traffic.

I bought the Pro version but you certainly don't have to. The difference in the two versions is that the Pro version allows you to submit to more directories. The Free version still allows you to submit to 350 directories with as many sites as you want. This will be sufficient to start with. If you get decent results then you can always get the upgrade later.

He has a video that shows you what this is about and how to use it.

I definately recommend this - Brad's software is among the best in Internet Marketing circles and his support is excellent.

Back soon,


Make Money Using Blogs - Lesson 5

Update 2010... This post was mostly irrelevant with information 4 years out of date so I have removed it. Just haven't got around to writing an updated version...

Make Money Using Blogs - Lesson 4


This post was too outdated to leave up so I have removed it.

Make Money Using Blogs - Lesson 3

The point of these lessons are to enable beginners to set up and run a successful online money making venture and to do it with out spending a lot of money. Blogs have become the online marketers best friend and new secret weapon for making money. As we continue with these lessons you will find out why this is so.

At this point you should have set up a new blog at Google's blogspot.com and completed two posts on it. The first post was your welcome message and the second post was your first article on your chosen keyword (topic/niche).

As well you should have joined GoArticles.com and posted a second article in their directory. The second article should have been a re-write of your blog posting - enough changes in it to avoid the duplicate content rules of the search engines.

This lesson is fast and easy and no, you don't have to write any more articles.

Getting your new site indexed.

If you have followed my instructions your site is already optimized on-page for Google when it gets around to crawling you. There are a few things (known as off-page optimization) that we can do to speed up the process.

You'll be happy to know that you have already completed one of these techniques.

Writing Articles.

There is no better way to get your site indexed and ranked by Google than writing articles. While providing traffic to your site, articles also get you back links which gets you page ranking and ultimately a high placement in Google's search listings.

Here's a list of the most popular Article Submission Directories. The more articles and more directories you use the faster you will get ranked and indexed by Google. This is not a secret, just a well know fact that all the successful marketers know. It is very effective because 95% of would be competitors either don't like to write articles or don't want to pay for unique articles and most of them resort to duplicate content when filling up their pages. Content, I might add, that comes from the 5% of us who write the articles embedded with our back links. Your competition is one of your best allies as they are the ones sending you back links.

Here is the list.


Update 2010 - This post has been highly edited from its original form as irrelevant info has been removed due to being outdated. Sorry if it is no longer coherent....

Later folks.

Blogger Basics for Beginners

Welcome to Blogger Basics for Beginners. This site provides tips and techniques for beginning bloggers in order to make money online. If you have questions not covered in Blogger Basics please feel free to leave a comment.

Project Payday - Work from Home

This program is for those of you who want to make money online but don't have or want a blog or website. This isn't a get rich scheme. It is a work at home job that can make you a few hundred dollars a day if you put in some effort.

I have written several posts about this and suggest you start with this one. Project Payday

Unfortunately Project Payday is only available to American users at this time. It is free to join.