Make Money Using Blogs - Lesson 3

The point of these lessons are to enable beginners to set up and run a successful online money making venture and to do it with out spending a lot of money. Blogs have become the online marketers best friend and new secret weapon for making money. As we continue with these lessons you will find out why this is so.

At this point you should have set up a new blog at Google's and completed two posts on it. The first post was your welcome message and the second post was your first article on your chosen keyword (topic/niche).

As well you should have joined and posted a second article in their directory. The second article should have been a re-write of your blog posting - enough changes in it to avoid the duplicate content rules of the search engines.

This lesson is fast and easy and no, you don't have to write any more articles.

Getting your new site indexed.

If you have followed my instructions your site is already optimized on-page for Google when it gets around to crawling you. There are a few things (known as off-page optimization) that we can do to speed up the process.

You'll be happy to know that you have already completed one of these techniques.

Writing Articles.

There is no better way to get your site indexed and ranked by Google than writing articles. While providing traffic to your site, articles also get you back links which gets you page ranking and ultimately a high placement in Google's search listings.

Here's a list of the most popular Article Submission Directories. The more articles and more directories you use the faster you will get ranked and indexed by Google. This is not a secret, just a well know fact that all the successful marketers know. It is very effective because 95% of would be competitors either don't like to write articles or don't want to pay for unique articles and most of them resort to duplicate content when filling up their pages. Content, I might add, that comes from the 5% of us who write the articles embedded with our back links. Your competition is one of your best allies as they are the ones sending you back links.

Here is the list.

Update 2010 - This post has been highly edited from its original form as irrelevant info has been removed due to being outdated. Sorry if it is no longer coherent....

Later folks.


  1. You are really really really evil....but your stuff works....

  2. Does this Technorati technique work anymore? It seems that they have changed the way posts are viewed. When I go and search on a tag the times are not in order at all.

  3. Hi, I started going thru the list and posting my articles but I realized that they all say "article will be stripped of any html code"

    So this sort of defeats the purpose right? Is there any way around this or should we not bother posting our articles to these other sites?

    THanks for all your info!

  4. You are the best! I am not worthy! ;)

  5. Maria,

    Lol... thanks for that and you may rise now. Ha. You made my day.

  6. Grizz,

    When you submit to the article directories, do you have to have change the article for each directory or do you submit the same article to most of those directories. I know not to use duplicate content for my posts, but I wasn't sure how it worked for the articles.


  7. Hi Grizz, great article :). Just wondering if you know of any free programs that you can use to "rewrite" your articles? I'm sure there are lots of ones that you can buy for lots of money...

  8. Hi there! I am also curious to know if you need to rewrite your articles differently for each directory or if there can be some repetition. Is ANY repition OK or should it be avoided at all costs?

  9. I just want to say .... I don't know but I love you in a hetrosexual way.

  10. I love all of this content and your simple explanation of how google works as far as getting your site indexed and ranked high. It is all about relevancy and relevant links with High Page Rank to get you ranked higher. Love it.

  11. Hi Griz,..dammit man i have been searching for days to find stuff like this...LOL...great tutor..thanks man..i really appreciate that i can learn something than playing online games...hehehe...peace and my the force with you

  12. Hi,

    I'm a lazy ass. Is it alright to submit the exact same articles to different directories?


  13. Kenth,

    Short answer - yes you can but you will always get better results by using original content as much as possible.

  14. Hi Griz,

    About submitting to article directories...

    If i have a blog that i have changed a little bit to make it look more like a article, then i have two posts that say the same but in different way.

    Do i always have to change it a little bit for all these article directories or is that just when doing it the first time?

    As when the post is made article friendly i can use that one for all the directories ?

  15. Rule of thumb - the more original content you use the better the results will be. However you can use duplicate content and not be penalized - you may just find that the duplicate article doesn't rank well or has less link juice than an original.

  16. Your tutorials are like a 12 step program for
    MMO's Anonymous. I admit that I an powerless over my inability to MMO. Lol

    I'm working the steps, I'm working the steps.

  17. Okay, Griz. My head has softened somewhat and I am now following your beginner's lessons. I should be doing all of this on a new crappy blog, like you suggested in lesson 1, but as I've put so much time into my one and only blog, I'm going to use it to experiment on.

    It beats starting another business, although I'm working on my blog more than I've ever worked at anything... and with no pay :)


  18. Hey Jim,

    It is a lot of work in the beginning - and the pay sucks. Nothing wrong with using your existing blog to learn with although sometimes it is easier to start from scratch with another site. (ie. work on two at the same time - yes, I know, twice the work! lol)

    Good luck Jim and I'm glad you are putting the effort in. Most don't.

  19. Awesome information and I am so stoked to get this going. Just a little confused, though. I see that you post a "2009 Updated Content" with a link to your "Make Money with Adsense" blog. Question: which blog should I be using? I have made it all the way through Lesson 3 of your blog "Make Money Using Blogs" but then got sidetracked going through your extensive material on the "Make Money with Adsense" blog. As a complete beginner, which blog should I focus my attention and resources on first/most? Greatly appreciate your help on this and have a great day!

  20. Hi Connee,

    Read through these lessons in order to set up your blog and then follow along with the adsense site. The blogger set up steps are still valid but many of the other techniques I mention in the lessons are out dated. If you run into anything that is contradictory then the new Adsense site should be followed. ie. Don't add adsense to a new blog until it is ranked and drawing traffic for some of your keywords. etc. A long way of saying read both. lol.

  21. Hi Griz
    So pleased to have found you! From reading your posts and comments it seems that my 4 sites have been smart priced. Once in a while I get a click for about 1 dollar.

    Is there a way to tell which site has been smart priced? Should I take off all adsense from the four sites? And if so how long should I wait to put adsense back?
    Many thanks

  22. Hi Griz:

    About writing articles - I've only made it about 1/3 of the way through your list of Article Submission Directories and I find that if the sites don't charge money to submit an article, then they say we cannot use any affiliate links or live links in the article. Correct me if I'm wrong but after studying your lessons, I thought that a better Google Page Rank had to do with the more keyword embedded backlinks you have out there. I am already indexed on Google but, obviously, I am now striving to get my page rank moved up. Can you please help me out here? Should I not bother submitting articles to the directories that do not allow backlinks? I do not want/cannot afford to submit articles to the directories that charge to do so. **CONFUSED**

  23. I am going to try all of these. Wish it will works!
    Thanks for the nice articles.

  24. Please cancel my last comment about automatic submission to article sites software. I see in your next post in this line that it is covered there. Should of googled first, feel like an idiot. Sorry.

  25. Technorati . I hate this name seems to be down today , anyways thank you for your free lessons but I have a question , do I have to use the template you mentioned in first lesson , cause I have quite a few blogs that are not on that template (I hated its look ) do I have to change them back to that template or continue with the current templates and will this hurt my ranking , I am actually ranked 3 on most of my blogs except one that is ranked 4 they are all around 2 months old or even younger

  26. Admin,

    Don't change templates - I use several different templates myself.

  27. That was some great info especially the information about technorati and the posting times etc. Thanks!


  28. I am curious... I changed my second articles' key words at Then in lesson 3 I see that you have left a huge list of other sites you can post on. Do you have to change key words each time you post onto a new site???

  29. Hi Grizzly,

    Thank you for sharing great information. I wish I found your blog few months back before I started my first blog at and put up the adsense right away. Now I go nowhere. I now learned to wait.
    Once again thank you for your nice articles.


  30. Haa this is cool. i am learning much from you. thanks. Your ideas are interesting.

  31. Thanks for your priceless articles.
    By the way, would you pls comment on my blog of

  32. I have a question re: Technorati. Should you create separate accounts for each blog that you claim?

  33. Actually I find that Hubpages work better than article directory.


  35. hi Grizzly,
    It seems I have missed something. what is the use of submitting articles to my blog? you mean to say that the links we give in those articles will get our blog the much needed traffic??

    please clarify,



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