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How to install Statcounter on Blogger

I use frequent screenshots on my make money online blog and have been asked numerous times how I get the stats that I show.

This is a simple process that involves finding a stat package you like and then inserting the code into your blog. In my case I really like and recommend that you use their tracking system as well. It is a free package and is easy to use.

Register at

Once you have registered simply log on and "Add a new Project" under the "My Projects" menu.

Just follow the suggestions in the next screenshot below.

Click image to enlarge.

Hit Next and the following screen should appear if you created your project correctly.

Click the "Configure & Install Code" button.

This page will appear. You can now decide what kind of button you want on your blog or you can choose to make your visit counter invisible. I usually don't show my counter.

If you choose to use an invisible counter then you will skip several of the following steps when you hit the next button. (Go to the step in which you choose your blogging platform below)

If you wish to show your counter on your blog then hit Next and choose between showing "Unique Visits" or "Total Pageloads". Select "Unique" for more accurate stats.

Then choose the type of image you want shown.

Pick the color and font size for the Counter image.

Choose the blog platform you use like "Blogger" or "Wordpress" and you will get a code to install on your blog.

Highlight the code and then cut and paste it into your blog. In my example the code looks like this.

How to Add Statcounter Code to Blogger Blogs

Note: the most recent Blogger update changed the term "Add Page Element" to the current term "Add Gadgets".

Open "Page Elements" in Blogger "Layout".

You will get different stats depending on where you place the code on your page. I have noticed a considerable difference between the number of visitors tracked when the code is at the bottom of the blog. There are always less visitors than when the code is placed on top of the site. For this reason I usually insert the code in the "Add a Gadget" box located above the "Header" Box.

If your template doesn't show this box you can add it by following the step by step instructions here. How to Add Page Elements to Blogger Header (Remember that page elements are now called Gadgets)

Choose HTML/Javascript from the menu inside the Add a Gadget box.

Simply paste the Statcounter code into the content area and click save.

And that is it. You are done.

To see your stats simply log in to statcounter and you will see a list of all the sites you have installed statcounter on. Just pick the site and browse through the various stats offered.

This shows the Summary stats for one of my sites. You can pick various stats from the menu on the left hand column.

Here are the keywords used to find my new make money online blog.

If I click on the keyword link in the stats for "make money with Grizzly" I can see where I rank for the term in the serp's. (Search Engine Results Pages)

And that is how you track the visitors coming to your blog.




  1. Griz...I am in need of help!
    I am new to this wonderful sight of yours and I sure hope it's true what they say about "better late than never." I recently started a blog and am eager to move forward with more once I know that I am on the right track. I had been given adsense ads that were unique to my niche until my last posting. Now I have a "generic' milk add. I am tempted to believe this is due to me adding too much info such as multiple city names to my blog.
    Please look and let me know if there is something I can do, as I want to be on the right track before I speed ahead. Thanks

  2. would help if I actually gave you the correct link to view

  3. Wow this etc. blog of yours has a page rank of two. And mine doesn't even have one, how long does it usually take to get a page rank? I also noticed another thing, your not monetizing this site huh? Could you put my at least put my adsense code here?(hehe) Just asking.

  4. hi there! I'm a newbie in blogging. I can say that I've learn a lot from you. Thanks!

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    It is also about money making online.

  6. Grizzly, what is the reason for using Statcounter instead of i.e. Google Analytics?

  7. I echo Mikael,

    Why do you prefer Statcounter over Google Analytics?

  8. dear grizzy you have made this blog very dood and informative ,

  9. Hi. I been searching all over the net and even asking my friends in an SEO company, how can I track from where traffic is coming to my site. I never got such a clear explanation. You have given a clear explanation and i am happy after reading this post. The step by step explanation really helps. Keep up the good work.

  10. Just discovered this other blog of yours recently! I use StatCounter too, but didn't realise that it gives different results depending on where the code is placed (would love to know why that is!) I normally just paste mine directly into the template before the < /body > tag), but will have to try adding it further up too - thanks for the tip.


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