How to Verify your Site to Google

These directions are for people using a self hosted blog or website. These directions are not for those using Blogger blogs but I can do a post about verifying a blogger blog on Google if requested.

A friend is having trouble verifying his wordpress blog and the simplest way to help him is to just show him.

If you have a self hosted site then this is the fastest and easiest method for verifying your ownership to Google. You have two choices for verification; add a Meta Tag to your site or add a html file. Adding the html file is easier as you don't have to understand code - you just have to know how to upload a file.

Example of a Meta Tag

Example of a html file

How to Verify your site using a html file.

Please click images to enlarge and read the directions. Just follow these steps and your site will be verified in a few minutes.




  1. fairly basic post, but then again, someone will learn something from it I'm sure.

    If you didnt' do it, who would?


  2. Grizz, what's the difference for a blog hosted by Blogger? I did what you mentioned above except I chose the META tag option for my Blogger hosted blog. It seems to have worked. Should I have done it another way?

  3. Laptops,

    You did it right in relation to Blogger.

  4. how do you verify your blogger website?

  5. I second Cadillac's question, thanks


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