How to Add a No-Follow Tag to Your Links

Create No-Follow Links, Target Blank Links, Hypertext Links and Quick Links on Blogger

Here is a quick demonstartion of how to add the rel="nofollow" tag to your outbound links. This tag should be added to any links you have on your page that points elsewhere and where you don't want to send any Google juice (pagerank). There are many instances when you don't want to pass Pagerank to other sites; the more links you have passing juice the less authority each link gets. If you assume that you have a total of 1 unit of juice to give and send out 100 links then each link will only have 1/100 of the juice available. If you only send out 1 link then that link will be 100% juice. Keep in mind that the less you link out the better so don't blead excess link juice.

If you are promoting affiliate products (Banners or Text ads) then use the no-follow tag - why give them PR?

If you are selling advertising on your site you must use the no-follow tag - Google does not allow you to sell PR so never put paid links on site without the tag. Google will strip you of your own PR if they catch you selling links without the no-follow attribute.

If you have navigation links to pages like "About", "Contact Us" etc then don't waste juice on these links - use the no-follow.

If you write posts and link elsewhere then decide whether you wish to pass juice on to the sites you link to. Some you will (friends who you wish to help) and some you won't.

How to create a no-follow Link

Here is a standard hypertext link. (Click Image to Enlarge)

and this is what it looks like when the code is added to your blog.

Make Money for Beginners

There are several things we can do to a standard hypertext link;

We can make the Anchor text more useful by changing the keywords to be relevant to the site we are linking to. This is for sending do-follow links to sites that you want to help out. In this case my other site will benefit more if I use "make money online" in the anchor text as that is a term I want to rank well for in the search engines. (Click to Enlarge)

And the result looks like this;

Make Money Online

You will notice that both hypertext links above will take you to the same place - the home page of my MMO blog when clicked. The difference is that Google will count the link as a vote for "make money for beginners" in the first link and count the link as a vote for "make money online" in the second link. Both links pass pagerank to the other blog. The "vote" means that Google will rank me in the serp's (the search engine results pages) for whatever terms are used in the anchor text. I will get ranked for both terms thanks to these two links. The more sites linking to me using these terms the higher I will rank in the serp's. Sites linking to me with higher PR (pagerank) will boost me higher in the rankings.

Now let's say we are promoting a product with an affiliate link. I will use a real example. I am currently promoting a program looking for new publishers in order to give away free magazines among other things. The program will pay me for every free magazine I give away. For the month of July 2008 they will also give $50 to every site that promotes their service. The program is called RevResponse.

In this case I want to link to the site with my affiliate link but I do not want to send them any juice or pagerank.

I do this by adding a no-follow tag to the hypertext link - like so... (Click to Enlarge)

And this is what the link looks like. If you aren't using the Search Status plug in for Firefox then you will see what looks like a normal link - you can't tell if it is a no-follow link or not. If you install the plug in from Search Status then you will see a pink box around all no-follow links.


How to Create a Hypertext Link Quickly on Blogger

1) Highlight the word or words you want in the anchor text.

2) Click the "Link Icon" in the editor.

3) Copy/Paste the url for the site you are linking to in the pop up box that appears.

4) Click OK and the link is created.

5) You will have to do a quick edit on the link if you want it no-followed.

See the screenshots below - click to enlarge.

If you want the hypertext link to open in a new tab then you can add another tag to the link - target="_blank" This is useful if I don't want people leaving my page when they click a link - like the RevResponse link. To do this just add the target="_blank" tag to the code.

Here is the new link to Revresponse - you will find the link above opens in this tab and the link below will open in a new tab.


And that is all there is to creating Hypertext Links.




  1. Nice post for beginner bloggers Griz.

    The only thing I would add is that, as some people are new to using blogger, they may want to know how to edit the original link to add rel="nofollow" and target="_blank".

    They will be working in the 'compose' screen of the wysiwyg editor and they will need to click on the 'edit html' link next to it to do this.

    I'm probably telling everyone what they know already, but just in case...

  2. Zania,

    Good point - one of those things I take for granted and forget to mention. I just write all my posts in 'edit html' so never even think about it... oops. Thanks for mentioning it Zania. My sympathies for your mother and glad to see you out and about.


  3. Grizz,
    Thanks for posting on how to add no-follow tags. I assume you do the same thing in your side bar if you place ads there.

    Does opening links in a new window make a difference to Google juice if the links are pointing to other posts on the same site? I am never quite sure if I should use open in the same window or new window. Especially when I am putting the anchor link more towards the top of the page.

  4. Denise,

    You are welcome. Yup - sidebar or anywhere that you create a link can be no-followed.

    What window or tab a link opens in makes no difference to G juice. If you are pointing to posts on your own site then do-follow the links - send PR from your higher PR pages to your lower PR pages. This is all part of inter-linking all your pages and why it's a good idea to link every page to your homepage. (Your backpages will get PR in time and they will be sending juice back to the home page)

    Using a new tab to open a link or staying on the same tab is argued for and against by many. I always manually open links in new tabs just because I haven't finished with the original page. If I have a money page that I'm linking too then I will open it in the same window - I don't care if they come back to my site - I have them where I want them at the money page. If its an informational link elsewhere I usually open it in a new tab so the reader can stay with my site. The preference is really up to you but I do know lots of folks don't like you opening a new tab for them. Something to consider.

    Good luck Denise - may all your do-follows point to me! :-)

  5. Thanks Grizz,
    Excellent Post. I never considered the side bar etc for No Fol.

    I also always wondered about how to set the link to open in a new window. Always one of those things I forget to "view source' to look at the script. I guess this is why I come to your sites (spoon fed).

    Also to comment on your recent on your "make money" blog. If your children starve it's because your not out fishing enough :o). I remember the picture of you holding the fish. Take care.

  6. Dennis,

    Sorry so late replying to your comment - been fishing all day! :-)

  7. 2 questions about no follow...
    I thought all links were no follow automaticaly, why do people install the do-follow plugin then??
    also how do you add no-follow to pages like the about, contact,privacy,etc.? where does the code go?

  8. Anonymous,

    You are talking about the comment sections which have code to make all comments no-followed. You need a plug in in WP or will have to modify the code in Blogger to change the default to do-follow. This isn't the same as adding no-follow to an individual link in the posts. Post links are up to you as to whether you want them followed or not. There is no default.

    As for pages - you don't need the whole page no-followed. Just no-follow any links on the pages that you don't want to pass juice.

  9. ahh, now I understand, thankyou kindly for clearing that up :)

  10. Griz,

    this is a great reference as I always forget what the code is, thanks.

  11. Hi Grizzly, I have been looking for ways to add the no-follow tag and I am happy I saw your blog. Thanks for the steps. Really appreciate it.

  12. Hello Grizzly,

    Very great blog that I will be following. I hope you were able to get my email. Anyway I guess I will read you later.

  13. Hi Griz,

    I have a question to you. I have a blog, which had been ranked PR4 sometime ago. Recently, it was penalized to PR0. I understand that this is mainly due to me writing few sponsored posts. Now, I would like to regain back my PR.

    What should I do? Do you have any suggestions?

    (1)Should I delete all the sponsored posts/ nofollow the links and submit to Google for reconsideration?

    (2) Or can I start a new blog and move all the contents (except the sponsored content) from my old blog? Will this be considered as duplication?

    Your reply would be very helpful. Thanks.

  14. This is a great post! Thanks a lot, Griz!

    I also noticed that every page on your blog has a different name. I mean, how can you change this on blogger blogs? How can you change the name of every page, so that it appears right beside the mozilla icon (I'm using mozilla)?

    For example on a page you have "Make money for beginners" and on another "you will learn nothing useful from this post". On my blog, on every page it appears the same thing. How can I change this?
    I hope you understood what I mean.

    And another thing I like but don't know how to do is how you made those google ads bigger. How did you do that?

    Thank you a lot, Griz!
    I embrace you,
    Razvan Dobre

  15. 1. How does G treat tinyurl and the like? most of my aff links are in a form of tinyurl and I also add nofollow, but in case I didn't, would G pass PR to tinyurl or to the actual site where it redirects?

    2. some advertizers do not allow altering code and will not pay if they find out the code was altered when a sale occured. How do we deal with that?

  16. Hi Griz, I have learned a lot of things from your blog here. I need your help though, I have just uploaded a template to my blog. I wanted to change the external links located at the end of the page to nofollow but I can't do it using the same procedure. The link looks like this (without the *)
    <*a href=''>Cleverguy<*/a>

  17. Youth says,

    You have left out the http://

    It should read < a href=">cleverguy< /a>

    To make it no follow it would look like this;

    < a href="rel="no-follow">cleverguy< /a>

    (remove spaces between < and a )

  18. Griz,
    thank you for reminding me that, however the link does have the http, it just that now since the template I downloaded in a different code, the link looks like this:
    <*a href=''>CleverGuy<*/a>. Mind you though that I didn't intentionally put that character (') as to avoid it from being hyperlinked here, it just that that's how the link really looks like instead of (")character. So I did try to do as follows:
    <*a href=''rel='nofollow'>Cleverguy<*/a>. It just don't work. Well it is obvious now that the site's so clever at building links using these ways where it's hard for lazy people like to change it (lol)

  19. I was wondering about link cloaking. I've read I need to be doing that. Is tha necessary and if so how do you do that..?

  20. Thanks for this post! I really learned something.. now to go recode my entire site :( lol. I never added no follow tags cuz I read somewhere (can't remember where now) that all blogger links are automatically no follows.

    Is this true? Not? From what you're saying I take it it's not and you still need the no-follow to help in rankings.

    Thanks. :)

  21. Really, very informative, simple and understandable post.

  22. Hi,

    Thanks for the info. I am applying it to my site, but when using the nofollow in my side tabs that are hosted on photobucket -like my about me etc, it says the image has been deleted.

    Im not sure if there are restrictions for some sites?, as i didnt want photobucket stealing my juice!

    Can i only use the relnofollow on certain links on my site? If you have time to have a quick look to see what i mean i would be ever so grateful.

    Thank You

  23. this is a great reference as I always forget what the code is, thanks.

  24. Griz! Thank you kindly for the easy to follow instructions! They helped a lot!

  25. I should have read this much earlier. Now I have many outgoing links and I'm too lazy to change the existing links. Will start to add no-follow tag for new blog posts

  26. Hello-
    I have been reading for awhile now- and on several pages I have noted that when trying to show an HTML link-example there often is either a space-or-an astrick* added to a url link example with a comment to note it was written that way to foil the HMTL from parsing itself into an actual link, and to remove the space or astrick*.
    There are several ways to write the HTML link so that it won't be parsed so an example can be seen the way you'd like it to appear.

    HTML Character ENTITIES

    a greater than sign > has an entitie name == to > or a Number name of >

    a lessor than sign < has an entitie name of < or a Number name of < any url link example if you replace the "<" and ">" signs with the corresponding name or number above the HTML link will not be parsed.

    an example writting the url so the link is seen instead of being parsed using < and >...

    <a href=""> a few of Grizzly's Blogger Tips"</a>

  27. Can I add nofollow tag after
    a rel="nofollow" href="h..p://" /a
    or does it have to be before anchor text?

  28. Thanks for the information.
    Keep Share

  29. old post but still very useful for me. Thanks for this post about no follow tag


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