How to Add Page Elements to Blogger Header

Adding page Elements to Blogger Blogs

When you create a Blogger Blog the template comes with a pre-defined number of page elements. If you would like to increase the number the following step by step tutorial will show you how. This lesson will deal with adding more Page Elements to the Header section of your Blogger Template.

Update Oct 2008 - Since this post was written Blogger has changed the name "Element" to "Widget". Don't be confused as "widget" is the same thing as "element".

Always download a backup before making changes.

The screenshot below shows a standard Blogger Minima Template.

Click all images to enlarge.

As you can see there is only one element available for the Header section on top.

This is how you can add more.

Under "layout" click "Edit HTML".

Click the "Expand Widget Template" Box.

Scroll down until you come to the section that looks like this;

As you can see the "maxwidget" is set to 1 - this means that there is only one widget (element) available for use in the Header. You can change this to whatever amount you like. I am going to change it to 3.

After making the change be sure to change the "showaddelement" to "yes" so that you will see the option to add another element on the "layout" page.

Click "Save Template" and you are done.

Your "Layout" - "Page Elements" page should now look like this.

And that is how you can add or modify the page elements in Blogger. I will show you how to do this with the other sections in future posts but you may want to try it on your own. The process is the same for all the sections - Main Wrapper, Sidebar Wrapper and Footer.




  1. Grizz,
    Thanks for the lesson. I got it to work, but my question is, what is the purpose for doing this? Thanks

  2. This modification is useful for a couple of reasons;

    You can now add a full banner ad or adsense block above the post. (and below the Blog Title)

    For SEO purposes you can now add a keyword rich descriptive paragraph across the top or below the Title. This will be crawled before anything else on the page and will help you define and target the niche you are after.

    You can also add a stat counter to the very top of the page (use an invisible one). Believe it or not you will get different stats depending on the placement of the code for your stat counter. Code at the top tends to be more accurate than when the code is at the bottom of the page.

    You can also add some graphics to the top of your blog.

    I could probably come up with a few more reasons but this should give you an idea of why I add more page elements.

  3. Hi Griz

    got a question about post pages. I've got it enabled in settings but how do I create a separate page that is linked from the sidebar?

    It's not labels cos there would be many similar labels. I would like to have a link on the sidebar eg. "Links" and when clicked, it brings me to a page where I have all my links stored.

    Or if I want an FAQ page, I would have the FAQ link on the sidebar that leads to the FAQs.

    Hope I'm clear on my question. Thanks in advance.


  4. Thanks for all the great information. I have been reading all your material for a couple days now and have used several ideas to get me to the next level.

    I appreciate all you do!


  5. wow i've been looking for this tip all over the internet. thanks for posting this!

  6. Excellent tutorial sir. Many thanks.

  7. Malathy
    Did you get it to work?
    I get the error code bX-wxran0

    Log Home Guy

  8. I'm getting this error code "bX-4un7qp" when trying to Add page Elements to my Blog. Help?

  9. That usually happens when you add or move more than 1 element at a time without hitting the save button between each move/add. Each time you make a change be sure to hit "save" - if the error continues try hitting "save" and then "refresh" the screen before adding or moving anything else.

  10. sir, thanks for the short but great tutorial! it works on my page! =)

  11. Thanks for these lessons Griz,
    I have used the info in this blog many times but I just realized you still read the comments. Thank you for all the help you give and I hope your new found fame doesn't get too irritating for you as some of us truly do take what you say to heart and put it to work making money.

  12. Andy,

    You are more than welcome Andy. :-)

    I keep meaning to add a few new posts over here - where does all the time go? lol.

  13. I love your step by step advice!

  14. hi..this is very are the only one who had answered this question to me. been trying to figure out how, now i know..thanks!

  15. Hi Griz,

    Thanks for all the great tutorials. I tried to use this tip on my blogger blog How To Pass The EPPP Exam Without Even Trying! But the border wraps around the header title and the adsense element. It just doesn't look right. How do I get the border to only wrap around the blog title, and not the adsense banner? Thanks!

  16. EEEP,

    I only see the border wrapped around the header - the Adsense ad is below. Not sure I understand the problem. Would you like to rephrase the question?

  17. very helpful info, thanks for this dude! been looking for this topic till I stumbled upon your very informative site! :-)

  18. i want to add page element below my blog

  19. I need to put several images across the header section. How can I achieve this?

  20. Hi, I done Same process that you said but I haven't done...


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