How to Add Adsense Above the Post Title in Blogger

Here is a quick tutorial showing you how to add an Adsense block to your blogger blog above the Post title. I have been asked this question frequently as I do this on my main Make Money blog. The reason for doing this is not so obvious - it really comes down to the fact that I have found much higher CTR (click thru rate) with the ads placed above the title rather than the more common position below the title.

The process involves adding "Add a Gadget" boxes to your existing template. Please see How to Add a Page Element (Gadget) to Blogger Header

Rather than re-hashing the steps just follow the instructions in the linked post. This will allow you to add the necessary boxes for adding gadgets above the Post box as well as above the whole main wrapper and the header. See the image above.

Once you have added these boxes you can now add adsense (or anything else you like) above the post title by adding the adsense script in the box above the Post.

I should mention that I never use the Blogger "Add Adsense" gadget. This does not allow you to use channels and is restricting. I always set up my ads in Google Adsense Set Up and then copy/paste the code directly into the "Add a Gadget" box on Blogger. Just select "add HTML/JavaScript" from the options - insert the Adsense code supplied by Google and you are done.




  1. Grizz, First Merry Christmas to you and your Family!

    Thanks for the tip. I have always used the "Add Adsense" gadget above the post. I guess I do not understand the Adsense channels. I set everything to channels though. But I only use one Adsense block on my Blogger blogs.

    You say that using the adsense gadet box is too restricting. Could you explain in more detail?

  2. Hi Grizz,
    How do i show my blog description? Mine one seems its hidden..


  3. Griz,
    I would love to see a post about how to do Channels. I probably could figure it out. However, I am not to that step yet.

  4. Hey Griz,

    Can you go in more depth of why the Adsense Gadget is restricting?

  5. Hi Griz,

    Not sure if you still check the comments on this blog but I was wondering if it was possible to disable adsense on certain posts such as the About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy posts but still have it on other content pages.


  6. Hann,

    You can't disable adsense on certain posts with blogger like you can with WP. Blogger is essentially 1 Page and WP has multiple pages which can be set up differently. Having said that I'm sure some of the code monkeys out there might have a work a round though I haven't heard of one.

  7. Hi Griz,

    Thanks for getting back to me! That's perfectly okay. I don't expect people to be visiting those pages anyway. Just thought I'd ask, but how many bloggers do you have?

    Also, do you only use one main Google account or do you have several? Do you think it REALLY matters whether you have a self hosted blog or a blogspot in terms of ranking/earnings potential?

    I'll be testing this on my own, but I'd just thought to ask.


  8. just stumbled on your blog and for about 30mins now has been stuck with it forthe rich content.To confess, your post has been truely useful and wonderful.I would appreciate if you would enlighten me on how to place navigation buttons like contactUs, about Us, Services in a blogger blog.I would also like you to visit my blog and and comment on it.

  9. nice...thx for the tips...can u write a tutorial on how to get more traffic to our site..because he higher our website’s traffic the greater our Adsense earning will be.

  10. How you put author image beside your some pic in this blog i see css code, how you do it

  11. Hi Griz!

    When I use HTML/JavaScript for my adsense code the ad will not display on the page. Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks for all your tips.

  12. Griz,

    Hmm noticed the "i million visitors free" banner at the top. What are you trying to seduce the newbies ? ;-).....

    You know I'm kidding right??? :D lol



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